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    International SEO

    We are proud to be Google Premier Partners. Our SEO marketing company will bring you long-term sustainable growth that brings in more customers and profit.


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    Our SEO services focus on driving website traffic and more importantly, conversions.

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    We offer a low-risk investment for your business that can yield a high return.

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    At Firefly Digital, we believe that international SEO, when performing at its best, ought to be invisible to your target audience. They should feel so at home and catered-to by your international site that the difference is imperceptible. By implementing a strong global SEO strategy, you can produce relevant content in your audience’s language that’s specific to their region, putting your international SEO content in front of the right audience seamlessly.


    Frequently Asked Questions: SEO


    What does an SEO agency do?

    As a professional SEO agency, we take care of all aspects of your SEO campaign. Our SEO experts will work with you to create an ongoing SEO strategy tailored to suit the goals and budget of your business.

    Our services include a complete  SEO website audit to understand our starting point. We will then work with you every step of the way to understand your priorities when it comes to website ranking. Whether you’re looking to rank locally, nationally, or globally, we’re here to help you.

    Early work includes keyword research and an analysis of where you rank compared to your competitors. Over time, we will use SEO best practices when working towards both on-page and off-page optimisation for your website. This includes content planning and creation, and white hat link building services.

    How much does SEO cost?

    SEO pricing varies based on several factors, including your industry, current website ranking, and more. It’s important not to go cheap on SEO as there are companies that use black hat strategies that try to cut costs by cutting corners, which is ultimately harmful for your website, especially if you incur a manual penalty from Google.

    At Firefly Digital we employ an expert team who use only white hat strategies to get the most out of your SEO campaign, and we do so at an affordable rate. The team at Firefly can work with you to determine the right budget for your campaign, and will offer complete transparency about where your budget is going at every step along the way.

    Does my company need SEO?

    The answer, 95% of the time is YES. If your consumer does any form of research or searching for your product or service, then your business should undertake SEO. Not only is SEO traffic already warm, meaning there are people that are pre-qualified, ready to purchase what you are selling, but SEO also helps improve your website structure, content and user experience which will improve your entire websites performance in general.

    Should I run Google Ads or SEO?

    When you run Google Ads (also known as PPC or pay per click ads) you are paying every time someone clicks the ad and goes through to your website. If you have the budget to do both, then taking as much real-estate on Google for high performing keywords is the best scenario. You will need to choose between the short term or long term strategy.

    Undertaking SEO and ranking organically means you can essentially generate free traffic to your website consistently, and that's why we love SEO.

    Of course, you will still need to optimise your website before the search engines start ranking you.

    How does Google SEO actually work?

    Google wants to display the most relevant website, to its users.

    For organic rankings, Google looks at over 250 ranking signals and factors when determining who should be placed where. Google will rank the website based on its relevancy, it's credibility and authority to that search term.

    To succeed in SEO, you need to begin with the content and create a website experience that Google would want to put forward to the search user as a trusted source.

    At the top of the search results, you will have paid ads. Advertisers are rewarded if their ads are more relevant to the users query, and can potentially pay less on the ad click when they achieve a higher quality score.

    How do you know which keywords people are searching?

    Firefly uses Google tools such as Google keyword planner, and other paid tools like Ahrefs and SEMrush to analyse all keyword search terms and the number of searches per month for any given category or industry. Having access to this data allows us to create strategies around these "keyword opportunities". Keywords with larger search volumes per month are naturally more competitive, and our strategies will include high volume keywords and long-tail keywords that are highly specific and show good intent. These long-tail keywords can convert at a higher conversion rate than more broad search terms as they are very specific and sometimes, less research based.

    My website isn't ranking on Google, what should I do?

    The first things to do is head to google and type "site:websitename"

    Example: site:fireflydigital.co.nz

    If you see search results under this search, your website is indexed on Google (Google knows you exist)

    The next step is to rank your website on prominent pages and positions on Google (because one ventures past page 1)

    Common reasons your website is not ranking may include:

    - You don't have content specific to search queries, or your content is not of quality compared to competitors. 

    - Your website does not have enough authority, and needs to acquire links from credible sources.

    - Your website domain is new, which can affect its ability to rank.

    - Your website has errors, has been hacked, or has a Google penalty.

    - Your website is blocking search engines from crawling it, and more.

    Is SEO dead?

    For years, people have been saying SEO is dead. SEO today is more relevant than ever, and we predict that this will become even more relevant with the rise of voice assistants such as the Google Home and Alexa, voice search. SEO has been growing significantly for years, and although new algorithms are constantly rolled out to improve the experience on search engines like Google, SEO is very much here to stay and an integral key component for a business to enter high growth.

    Do you outsource any of your SEO work overseas?

    All of our SEO services are managed in-house by our Firefly team. We have SEO managers, senior specialists, strategists, content writers, and Google specialists under one-roof in Auckland, New Zealand.

    Does SEO increase sales?

    Yes. SEO is an excellent option to build visibility, drive traffic, leads and sales. SEO focusses on high intent searches, which are essentially people already qualified, looking for your products or services. A strong SEO strategy will increase your websites exposure across Google, Yahoo and Bing, so you can be found online.

    What is a long-tail keyword?

    A long-tail keyword is a highly specific keyword term than usually has multiple words within the search term. When someone searches this, because they have been specific in their search, if you can provide useful information to that query, you have a good chance of winning the click.

    What is SEO?

    SEO is the process of optimising your website to be highly relevant for themes, topics and keywords. As a result of having a credible and relevant website, you are ranked on the search engine results. Google, Bing and Yahoo use algorithms and ranking signals to determine which website is the most relevant and tries to present the highest quality websites based on these ranking signals. By increasing your position on the Google search engine results, you are able to increase the number of clicks and traffic you can generate to your website.

    Which SEO company is the best?

    Firefly is a market leader and cultivates the best talent, processes and follows worlds best practise in the SEO space. We live and breathe SEO, all day every day. Our team is dialled in to provide the best possible results across SEO. This laser focussed precision means you can ensure your campaigns are being run and managed by some of the top SEO practitioners in the country, and you can expect results. Chances are you are on our website right now because you have clicked on one of our organic search results on Google. We practise what we preach, and have a track record for success with our customers.

    Are SEO companies worth the money?

    A great SEO company is worth its weight in gold. Unfortunately SEO is an under-regulated space which means the performance can range from agency to agency. When SEO is deployed correctly with a strong strategy and execution team, not only can SEO increase traffic and leads relatively quickly, but it can set you up for long-term sustainable success bringing in predictable traffic and lead flow. A great SEO company will provide strategic advice, full transparent reporting on the results and work carried out and will constantly be working on your website to ensure results don’t stagnate and your website adheres to Google’s best practices.