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    Some of our eCommerce solutions:

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    Our eCommerce agency can help grow your online store revenue by 100%+*

    If you want to grow your online store faster and more profitably, we can help. We are an Auckland ecommerce agency with strong knowledge and data on what it takes to scale an online store. We'd love to partner with you on your business growth journey - chat with us today about how we can help you get there.

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    Platforms & Technology

    We identify the right digital platforms and technology your business needs to grow and scale. This includes analysing your ecommerce platform and apps, email, live chat, loyalty system, and more.

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    Strategy & Marketing

    We build out hyper growth focussed digital marketing campaigns across the channels that make the most sense to your business, including Google, Meta, Email, and more.

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    Our data analytics and real-time data dashboards are tailor made to suit your business, giving you a 360 degree view with deep insights into your growth strategy, KPIs, and data insights for your online store.


    Case Study: About Health


    About Health approached us to grow and scale their online sales across their vitamin supplement range with a strong focus on new customers. Firefly was instrumental across all paid media channels (Google Ads & Social Media Ads) seeing an average ROAS (Return on ad spend) of 25X. We also rolled out an automated email marketing platform via Klaviyo and have setup advanced data analytics and insights for regular monthly reporting.

    Return On Ad Spend

    Case Study: 4Seasons


    4Seasons approached Firefly looking to scale their ecommerce websites and well known brands including Broil King, Galaxy Spas and drive more "wallet-out buyers" to their brick and motor stores. The results have been phenomenal, and as a result, 4Seasons has increased their online revenue by over 110% year on year. Firefly created a full digital strategy across Google Ads - Shopping and Youtube, SEO, social media advertising on Facebook, Instagram and also consulted on general digital marketing strategy and positioning.

    Year On Year Digital Sales Growth

    Case Study: For them.

    From 0 to over 1000 sales in 3 months

    For them is a Sydney-based edible gift company with a seriously big heart. When they approached Firefly, they were in their 2nd month of operation and needed a hand with a full eCommerce digital marketing plan.

    Firefly got to work creating the entire digital plan. The shopify website was built and then optimised, Email marketing and facebook messenger automation setup to maximise e-commerce sales, all social media and google paid media setup and optimised, content marketing and influencer marketing to build brand. One of our paid instagram campaigns saw a staggering 1:32 ROI on ecommerce sales through valentines.

    Return On Ad Spend
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    Case Study: Jeunoura


    Jeuneora sell premium supplements for hair, skin, nails, body. Made in New Zealand and sold internationally.

    Jeuneora approached Firefly in 2019 to help scale their Google ads, and Google shopping campaigns across New Zealand and Australia. Firefly rebuilt the Google Ads and Google Shopping campaign, and then scaled it up with careful optimisation strategies. These included top vs other, sub dividing negative keywords, product feed optimisation, excluding unprofitable products and more.

    Our highlights from our optimised campaign included: ROAS (return on ad spend) of 25X after looking after the campaign for 6 months. $10,000 ad spend producing over $250,000 per month in sales through Google ads alone.

    Return On Ad Spend
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