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    Frequently Asked Questions:


    What is remarketing?

    Remarketing is back-end technology for your website that tracks new visitors using anonymous browser cookies. You might think of remarketing as retargeting, it redirects opportunity for the target market to remember your business. A previous visitor to your site can be re-engaged to encourage conversion using remarketing tools. Given that they are already familiar with your site, you can mine their previous user activity kept in anonymous browser cookies to retarget your consumer using more specific display banner ads. Remarketing offers businesses the chance to be highly specific in their retargeting and so often has a high conversion rate.

    How does remarketing work?

    Remarketing places Javascript code in your website that notifies Google and Facebook of recent visitors to your site. This information is used to bid for display advertising placements that remarket your business elsewhere online and infiltrate the visitor’s web activity in real time. Display advertising uses banner ads to capture the audience’s attention elsewhere on the internet and encourages them to click back through to your website, giving you renewed opportunity for growth and increased web traffic. A second chance for conversion can be a highly effective marketing tool when used by e-commerce sites who have no physical location for driving sales. Remarketing services work successfully alongside pay-per-click (PPC) advertising using Google marketing tools as part of an overall digital marketing campaign.